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about ecrett

Simple UI

With the intuitive interface, you need to know nothing about music

License for All

Use ecrett music for game, monetized video, podcast, ads, and more

Royalty Free

No more staring at terms of service

Royalty Free

Download as is,
or customize!

Created by AI

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Simple. Easy.

1. Select & Create

Select at least one from Scene, Mood and Genre.
Click “Create Music” once you’re set.
ecrett AI will create music based on your choices.

You will get different music every time even with the same setting.

2. Customize

Don’t know nothing about music? No worries!
You can customize instrument and structure by giving a few clicks.

Instrument of Melody, Backing, Bass and Drum can be changed.
Structure can be customized by switching on/off each block.

3. Manage

On the top right tabs, you can manage your music.

Favorites: Music you favorited are stored here.

Download History: Music you downloaded are stored here.

Video: You can upload a video to review if the music matches your video.

Create History: Past 10 music created are automatically saved here.

Simple plan for your creative needs.

Why so cheap you ask? It's created by AI.

  • Download preview music for free
  • Save and manage music you created
  • Receive updates, promos, and more!

Do’s and Don’ts

*Please keep in mind that ecrett is meant for content creators to add music into the contents (game/video/podcast), and NOT meant to be edited and/or distributed just as music file.

*Please keep in mind that ecrett is meant for content creators to add music into the contents (game/video/podcast), and NOT meant to be edited and/or distributed just as music file.


- Use the music for contents such as hobbies, ads, wedding, monetized contents, gaming, etc.


- Use the music for contents that are harmful, sexual, and/or hateful.


*On the premise that the music will be incorporated into a game/video/podcast.

- Edit the music into personal or commercial contents
- Adjust the volume or length of the music to fit into the game/video/podcast
- Adding lyrics or mixing (only permitted when the music is incorporated into a game/video/podcast)


- Add lyrics or mixing (if the music will be shared as music file - i.e., not a part of game/video/podcast)


- Share or post the contents you created using ecrett music on various platforms, such as social media or website.


- Share, send or distribute music created with ecrett as music format (even for free) and/or through the downloadable link.


- Monetize through YouTube
- Sell or sublicense your products (game, video contents, audio books, etc.) using ecrett music.


- Sell or sublicense the music as music format is prohibited (even for free).

Behind ecrett music

We are a team of musicians, composers, dancer, designer, and engineers.

ecrett music was born to help content creators with frustrating process of choosing

the right music and to enhance the creation with our AI composing software.

We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to give ecrett a try!

As ecrett is still developing, your feedback is super helpful.

Feel free to message us your thoughts at :)